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Judy x Castalie


Castalie is a company offering innovative and sustainable solutions to the consumption of bottled and fountain water. Reducing the carbon footprint related to water consumption by favoring a local source and a smarter design.

Tap water is sublimated thanks to high-performance equipment. 97% of tap water is of good quality, but Castalies filters sanitize the water one last time before consumption, guaranteeing a superior taste.

Did you know that a plastic bottle of water can travel up to 900 km from its source to its final place of consumption? The carbon impact of fountains is thus reduced by 88% compared to a conventional bottle that can be found on the market.

CASTALIE micro-filtered water, being connected to the local water network, provides quality water, produced the same day, at kilometer zero.

Consuming micro-filtered tap water is an eco-citizen act for us. At Judy's, it is our pleasure to offer you quality water (sparkling or still) accompanying your meal or your coffee.